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Politics and Racism Beyond Nations: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Crises

This book brings together theoretical knowledge from diverse fields as anthropology, biology, neurology, peace studies, political science, psychology, and sociology to address key challenges that transcend borders. It demonstrates how differences are created on many levels to reveal how the “othering project” is evident through national policies of immigration, through aspiring nationalisms, through genocidal inhumanity, and the subsequent effects of such othering evident in racial trauma. It further argues that we cannot limit our understanding of racism to forms of “white nationalism” or “whiteness movements” in the developed world and regions but look to the global formulation of such discrimination in colonial histories. The book introduces each chapter by providing rich ethnographic narratives from informants based upon the author’s research on nationalism, racism, genocide, terrorism, trauma, scientific tolerance, and love and peace as well as some auto-ethnographic narratives from the author’s research on these themes.